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About Us

This page discusses the people behind the site, our mission, future goals and ways to contact us.

Who is behind

The site was the brian child of me - Kitt Killian. I own 2 dogs and 3 cats and have a great affection for all pets, and an understanding of the companionship these animals bring.

Our Mission

Our mission Is quite simple. There are lots of sites that provide "information" on pet breeds. In our opinion these sites are too clinical and lacked a sense of passion about this important subject area. People want the facts, but also want media; photos, videos, slideshows, etc. We will bring you all of that. Think of us as injecting the entertainment and excitment into the subject of domestic pets.

Future Development

Our development phases are as follows:

These plans are subject to change and reprioritisation

What is in it for us

Not a lot. You will see various ads dotted around the site. This generates a small amount of revenue which goes toward the server hosting and bandwidth charges for this site. We do it because we are as passionate about pets as I am suire you are.


Most of the images on this site are sourced from Flickr and are photos that have been copyrighted to such a degree as to allow distribution on websites so long as the original artist is credited. I have done this by supplying a link back to the original Flickr page. If you own a photo on this site and have since changed your mind about the copyright agreement, then please let me know and I will immediately remove said image.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us, please use the form below. We need contributions to this site. If you would like to write any sections, give your experiences of owning a particular pet then please do. We will publish your writings and credit you.


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