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About this cat

Welcome to the European Shorthair cat microsite. This page contains detailed information on the breed. From this point you can use the above tabs to navigate to the other European Shorthair pages.

- Kitt Killion

European Shorthair Breed Information

Country of origin - Germany

Breed standards - ACF(*) FIFe(*)

The European shorthair is a breed of short-haired cat originating in Sweden. It's one of the oldest and most common breeds, but it wasn't standardized until quite late and is currently only recognized by two major cat clubs.

Because it hasn't been bred in a regal meaning until very recently, many European Shorthairs don't have a pedigree and have not been certified as a European Shorthair. Instead, many European shorthairs are called "bondkatt" (Farmer's cat) in Swedish, by the fact that many were bred on farms. To confuse things many mixed breed cats are incorrectly referred to as "bondkatt" instead of the preferred term "huskatt" (Cat of the House).

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